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It is simple and easy to screen mirror. Is it easy-to-use? What are the conditions for screen mirroring?

It is simple and easy to screen mirror.

No connecting cables are required. You just need to connect your mobile device (mobile phone/ tablet/PC) and your big screen terminal (TV, TV box, projector, etc.) via the same Wi-Fi network and then use HappyCast to cast content from your mobile device to your big screen terminal in ultra HD quality.

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HappyCast supports major audio and video apps

Serving 300 manufacturers and 150 million devices

HappyCast supports the following apps

Which video-sharing apps support screen mirroring? Which apps can screen mirror? Apps that support screen mirroring. What apps does HappyCast support? HappyCast's partners.

HappyCast can be run on the following smart TVs, TV boxes and projectors

Which TV brands support screen mirroring? Which TV brands support HappyCast? Which TV boxes support screen mirroring? Which projectors support screen mirroring? HappyCast's partners. Can a smart TV screen mirror?
HappyCast Phone not only allows you to cast music, photos and videos from your phone to TV, but also supports screen mirroring for phones with android 5.0 or higher versions, which perfectly mirrors a phone screen to a TV screen.